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Pak Social: App Updates 🚀 Connecting Dog Lovers, One Paw at a Time!

Welcome to the latest update from Pak Social, the go-to app for dog lovers! Our new release is packed with features that make connecting with fellow dog enthusiasts easier and more fun. Whether you're looking to report a lost dog, find a new home for a canine companion, or join exciting events, this update has something for everyone. Plus, we've made significant performance improvements to enhance your experience. Let's dive into what's new!

New Features

Lost Dog Reporting

The heartache of losing a dog is something we hope to alleviate with our new Lost Dog feature. Now, you can quickly report a lost dog within the app. If it's your furry friend, the app auto-fills the necessary information, saving you precious time in a stressful situation.

Dog Adoption Listings

Finding a loving home for dogs has never been easier. Our List Dogs for Adoption feature allows you to easily list your dogs and connect with potential adopters. It's a simple, heartfelt way to ensure every dog gets the love and care they deserve.

Active Now

Wondering who's online? The Active Now feature lets you see who's active today while you're swiping through profiles or viewing them. It's a great way to connect in real time with other dog lovers.

Event Management

Organize and manage dog-related events with ease. Set eligibility requirements for attendance, create recurring schedules, and ensure every event runs smoothly. This feature is perfect for community meet-ups, adoption events, and more.

Event Recap

After the fun is over, it's time for a recap. With our Event Recap feature, you can create event tags, view media tagged at the event, and analyze event metrics. It's a fantastic tool for community leaders and event organizers to gauge the success of their events.

Vaccination Status

Health and safety are paramount. Our new Vaccination Status feature lets you upload vaccination documents and record dates. It's a step towards a healthier dog community and peace of mind for all involved.

Group Messaging

Stay connected with friends and fellow dog lovers through our new Group Messaging feature. Chat with multiple friends at once, making planning and coordinating easier than ever.

Performance Fixes

Improved Search

Finding other dog owners is now faster and more intuitive. We've enhanced the search functionality to help you connect with the right people and their furry friends.

Filter Updates

Our updated filters offer more options to tailor your searches. Whether it's human characteristics or doggy traits, these new filters ensure better, more meaningful matches.

Performance Improvements

We've optimized the app for a smoother, more responsive experience. These performance improvements mean less waiting and more time enjoying what you love.


The latest update to Pak Social is more than just a series of features – it's a commitment to improving the lives of dog lovers and their canine companions. Whether it's reuniting lost dogs with their families, facilitating adoptions, enhancing community engagement, or simply making your app experience smoother, this update is a step forward in our mission.

We're excited for you to try these new features and improvements. As always, we value your feedback and look forward to making Pak Social even better with each update. Happy swiping, chatting, and dog-loving!

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